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One in 6 billion... so what?

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Well someone must be doing something on this site behind the scenes. This time two months ago, this feedback section was chock o block with endless spam messages.
Monday Mar 30 2020 at 12:33:23 (GMT)

I would be so happy if YOUDRAW came back to live & breathe & bring hope & joy again !In the time of the Covid 19 Pandemic, YouDraw could thrive as a safe community & connect people who are feeling alone due to the shutdowns and isolation !
*cassandra* - Monday Mar 30 2020 at 4:22:30 (GMT)

Dear Mr Magazine regarding your comment below my response.I wish I could draw again too. Even though I am a moderator I can't help you as Java no longer supports this platform. I have been unable to work out how to draw here since 2012 and many others are in the same predicament. However there must be a way, because from time to time to drawings did appear, but not since mid 2019 (and it is February 2020 now).Take care.I hope someone out there posts the answer you and I and so many YD people seek
YD Moderator - Saturday Feb 8 2020 at 4:46:37 (GMT)

Help me draw again
Mr magazine - Friday Jul 5 2019 at 1:55:27 (GMT)

Glad you were found Michael...never forget you are loved by many.
*cassandra* - Tuesday May 14 2019 at 23:00:02 (GMT)

Rock on, back off, fuck off and good luck :)))
scottie - Saturday Jan 26 2019 at 19:36:32 (GMT)

Our "unsuitable drawing" policy: Drawings are considered unsuitable and removed when we judge they have been posted with the intention to shock others (e.g. obscene words, racial slurs or sexually explicit drawings). We do not consider simple nudity unsuitable. We also remove drawings that are not drawings - such as text only or undefined scribbles.
scottie - Saturday Jan 26 2019 at 19:35:08 (GMT)

you draw is a dinosaur because it's very existence was dependant on the java applet platform. All the main browsers dispensed with java during 2018 on security issues. No one can draw on You Draw any more but if you were part of the memory from early 2000 to date, boy did we have fun and fights. Loved it and was blessed to be a part of it xxxxxxxxxxxx to all my friends
Scottie - Tuesday Jan 22 2019 at 12:41:33 (GMT)

I fixed the author name for you, nvjasmin. I don't know why it would not let you save it.
Moderator - Tuesday Nov 21 2017 at 4:33:52 (GMT)

hello to all my good friends from you draw ,,I do really have great memories from you draw since day one and I miss few of you guys that I can't see in here no more ,,anyways ,I am back and I downloaded JAVA and yes !! it is working .The only think I noticed is that when I write my name NVJasmin on the author doesn't safe ,maybe you guys too that away and now people sign their name at the bottom .Hello to you all ,yes I am on Facebook as well feel free to look for me under Nellyvette Rodriguez Garcia ,or nvjasmin.com if you want to keep up :) with me ,,lots of great memories and yes lets keep drawing!!!NElly ,NVJasmin .
rnellyvette@yahoo.com west melbourne ,florida. - Wednesday Oct 11 2017 at 2:47:36 (GMT)